You've Never Seen This Before! Banana Nutella Sushi!

This unusual snack is something very special! Anyone with a sweet tooth can look forward to a chocolatey treat! You only need 3 ingredients and a little patience to create these little pieces of heaven.

You'll need:
+ bananas
+ Nutella
+ rice cakes or rice crispies

This is how it's done:
1. Crumble up the rice cakes and spread them out
2. Peel the banana on one side and spread some Nutella there
3. You can now sprinkle the rice cakes on the Nutella
4. Now peel another part of the banana and do the same there
5. Continue until the whole banana is covered in Nutella and rice cakes
6. Cut the banana into slices and your sushi is ready!

Easy, eh? And pretty cool, too! Share this great idea with your friends!

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