She Began To Break Her Blinds. But When I Saw What She Made? Amazing!

A lot of us have blinds in our homes, but we can’t all afford the blinds of our dreams. This video shows you how to pimp your blinds to turn them into stunning Roman Shades.

With a little bit of time and just a few tools you can have blinds in any colour or pattern you want, replacing your harsh white shades with ones that really match your décor.

What you need:
+ White faux-wood blinds
+ Thick upholstery fabric
+ Pencil
+ Scissors
+ Glue and bowl
+ Foam brush
+ Clothes pins
+ Tape measure
+ Clothes iron

Measure the length of your blinds then lay them out on a large work area such as a table or the floor.

Snip away the ladder strings on both sides but DO NOT cut the thick cord going through the slats which moves the blinds up and down.

In your finished blind each slat will need to be 7-inches apart. Divide the length of your window by seven to determine how many slats you’ll need. Remove the left-over slats.

Lay the fabric face down and space the slats out evenly on the fabric. There should be enough extra fabric to have a 2-inch border.

Use glue to hold the fabric in place and use clothes pins to hold the fabric in place while it dries.
It’s that easy. Watch the video for a full step by step visual guide.

If you have children in your home please make sure you follow advice on how to make your blinds child safe.

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