Never Heard Of A Ramen Noodle Sandwich? You Will Love It!

Nothing is impossible! When we got the idea for a ramen noodle sandwich, we didn’t know at first whether it would work at all, but it works and it is also delicious! Granted: It looks a bit unusual, but the taste is hard to beat!

Here is everything you need for a ramen noodle sandwich:
+ 1 packet Instant Ramen Noodles
+ 1 egg
+ butter or margarine for frying
+ 1 slice of cheese, eg Emmental
+ 50 grams of cooked ham

How it works:
1. Mix the noodles with the egg in a small bowl until the noodles are soft and well covered by the egg.
2. Spread the noodle egg mixture on to a plate, so that they cover the widest possible area.
3. Heat a frying pan and melt the butter, then drag the noodle egg mixture carefully from the dish into the pan.
4. Fry the noodle egg mixture on one side until golden brown.
5. Turn the noodles once, they cut down the middle.
6. Cover one half of the pasta with a slice of cheese and cooked ham.
7. Put the other half on top to close your sandwich.
8. Transfer your Ramen noodle sandwich to a plate and serve.
9. Done!

So simple and so delicious! You can hardly prepare a tasty snack any faster! Share this video now if you have the same appetite as we do!

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